Terms of Service

You acknowledge and agree that, by contacting me and purchasing my artwork, you are indicating that you have read, understand and agree to be bound by these terms. If you do not agree to these terms, then you have no right to contact or purchase my services.

I own the rights to my work

You may not re-sell my artwork in any way, shape or form.

Artist Rights

I reserve the right to reject any commission for any reason at any time. I retain the rights to display all commissioned work on any personal website or gallery. If the commissioned work is a time-sensitive gift I may delay public showcase at your request.

In the case of emergencies

If something happens on my end that might affect the time I have to work on your piece I will contact you immediately. You will have the option of extending the work deadline, or, I may retain the payment for the work that's been completed, but refund the rest.


If you wish to cancel the commission during the sketch/line art stage you will be refunded 50% of what you paid. If you wish to cancel the commission during or after the coloring stage you will not be issued a refund.

Returned payment fee

Please make sure you have sufficient funds, and that your information is filled in correctly before purchasing anything. If for any reason the payment did not go through you will be charged an extra $25 the first time, and $35 for each subsequent return payment.

Works in Progress

I like to keep my commissioners in the loop by sending little thumbnail wips every so often, be it via discord or e-mails. That is dependent on the commissioner's preference.

Payment in full first

I start as soon as the piece is paid for. Once the payment is sent I send small thumbnails with watermarks so you can approve them and be kept in the loop. Once approved, and finished, I send the full sized originals without the watermarks. Payment must be completed in full before any finished artwork is received.

Retention of images and files

I tend to keep my files stored on my computer, as well as a hard drive, but I tend to go over them and clean out old files. If for any reason you lose files and/or images you have up to 14 days to reclaim them.

Watermarked Previews

The wips and final piece will all have watermarks on them. Once the commission is finished, approved and the other half paid for, the original size image without the watermark will be sent, along with smaller sizes, perfect for web viewing.


You will have the opportunity to ask for changes in the commission during the rough sketch stage. I will present an initial rough sketch from which you may request any revisions to before I refine the drawing. No more than three sketch re-draws will be made, unless you wish to pay extra for new sketches. No free edits to the artwork will be made post-coloring stage unless it is due to an error on my part. Any further alterations or additions to the image will incur a fee.

Final projects are final

I retain no responsibility or liability for what the Client or third parties do with the artwork once the artwork is completed.

Digital Art

Keep in mind your purchasing digital goods. Nothing physical, no shipping involved.

Rush fee

If for some reason you need a piece done in a short amount of time there will be an additional charge. Asking for a rushed piece might affect the final outcome, but it will be placed as a priority above all the rest. I will be working longer hours than usual on your piece, possibly even holidays. The fee is highly dependent on the time was given and the difficulty of the piece but usually, begin at an additional $30. Final prices can be discussed with the client privately.

Working schedule

My timezone is JST. Because I also have a full-time job, I tend to work on commissioned art on Weekends. I like having open communication with my clients, so e-mails, twitter messages, and discord help a lot (Discord being preferred).


All contact between the Artist (me) and the Client will be kept confidential.